Listen To Pell’s Two New Upbeat Songs ‘Show Out’ And ‘Basic Beach’

Instead of just tossing out a few random tracks over the last few weeks, Pell coupled his two new singles “Show Out” and “Basic Beach” into a mini EP to keep fans from drooling for too long. What a guy.

While both records carry upbeat vibes, they’re actually quite unique. “Show Out” is a love song with outstretched hands and wide eyes, finding it’s heart in the form of horn-heavy production from producer Take A Daytrip. The other heated offering is “Basic Beach,” an evolving track that finds Pell offering sun-soaked vibes true to the song’s name and reminds listeners never to bring sand to the beach.

If you’re late on the eclectic New Orleans rapper, catch his LIMBO project here. If you’re hip and live in British Columbia, you can catch him rock the Pemberton Music Festival this weekend. That’s definitely the move.

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