Pimp C’s Widow Refutes Reports That The UGK Archives Were Destroyed In Hurricane Harvey

Pimp C’s widow Chinara Butler is refuting reports that the UGK archives, memorabilia and music that belonged to both Pimp C and Bun B were lost. In an Instagram post, Butler declared any story reporting that the UGK archives were lost as “fake news.”

“Before this #FakeNews goes any further @vladtv @xxl I did not confirm anything regarding #UGK archives and memorabilia being destroyed by #HurricaneHavey (sic),” Butler wrote on Instagram. “I shared a message to get some help to my step son that is all.”

Earlier this week, Queenie Freeman, Bun B’s wife posted a now deleted Instagram post sharing information on the whereabouts of Butler’s step-son, Chad Butler, Jr. or “Lil Chad.” The eldest of Chad Butler’s children, Lil Chad was trapped in his grandmother’s house with his wife and an elderly neighbor as Port Arthur dealt with the aftermath of Tropical Storm Harvey. The home is that of Weslyn Monroe, Pimp C’s mother and UGK’s one-time manager who passed away in 2013. Thankfully, the trio were rescued via boat and escorted to safety.

News reports began spreading about additional, yet unconfirmed information in the now-deleted Instagram post in regards to the UGK archives. Butler, who is in charge of Pimp C’s estate, never confirmed that all of the archives, whether the items that were donated to the Port Arthur Museum or the ones in her collection were damaged.

“Chinara is not aware of what was in that house or what has been lost,” her publicist Cherrell Rene told Uproxx via phone. “All the archivable memorabilia that she has is in safe and secure locations. We don’t know what was in Mrs. Monroe’s house in Port Arthur. The whole point of that post was to get people to reach her step-son because she was being told he was trapped on a car.”

She continued, “Two people who had boats reached out to her and luckily, they sent a boat. That’s all we cared about. All we wanted was to get someone to that address. All of Chinara’s items are fine and she hasn’t spoken to Chad Jr. yet.”

Houston’s relief efforts in regards to the hurricane have been massive as rappers Doughbeezy, Kirko Bangz, Propain and others have been on the ground assisting those in need. Bun B has already set up a fundraiser and is planning a telethon for September 12th.

“Nobody has contacted us about the items donated to the Port Arthur Museum (I’m sure) because Port Arthur has been dealing with massive flooding similar to what Houston got from Harvey,” Renee added. “Beaumont is currently without water. We think people should be the focus of what’s going on right now.”

“We’re currently working to divert resources and direct funds to disaster areas including Houston, Port Arthur and the entire affected areas,” Rene said. “Chinara’s dealing with her own issues in regards to the flooding. With the water beginning to recede in Port Arthur, today’s going to be the first day she can even get out to join recovery efforts. That is what she is focused on, helping.”