Post Malone Goes Undercover At A Record Store To Convince People His Music Is ‘Trash’

With an album title like Beerbongs & Bentleys, Post Malone lets you know what he’s about right up front. However, he’s apparently a little less transparent in person. He recently teamed up with Omaze fundraising platform to give away a car (a Bentley, natch), and to promote the stunt, went undercover at a Los Angeles record store to approach customers about participating.

Of course, that “undercover” is relative, since the largest concession he makes to disguising his identity is donning a pair of black-framed glasses and a ball cap. He’s so obvious that the very first person he approaches in the video identifies him immediately, giggling the entire time. Fortunately for Post, Los Angeles is a hugely populous city and not everyone knows what one of the best-selling artists currently dominating radio actually looks like (I’d argue most people don’t know what any artist looks like outside of their fan bases, but that’s another post — pun intended).

He uses the opportunity to solicit strangers’ candid opinions on hip-hop music — which is cunningly self-aware of him, to be honest — pretend to “workshop” lyrics from his own albums, and generally mess with the music fans in the store. One of them suggests that the easiest way to come up with a rap name is to throw “Young” in front of the last thing you bought, which feels like it might be too obvious but also weirdly accurate.

You can enter the contest for the Bentley (and a free trip to LA to hang out with Post yourself) here.