Pusha T Reflects On His Career And The Clipse Break-Up

Pusha T speaks on how he got started in rap in this episode of VICE Autobiographies. He recalls writing his first verse in high school and being paid by drug dealers to perform “Grindin’.” He goes on to speak on the day Malice let him know he no longer wanted to be part of The Clipse. He talks about dark times such as his manager being indicted for drug conspiracy and his road manager being murdered. Pusha T uses Rap to express his true feelings, he states, “Turning it into art is probably the most beneficial thing I can do.” Pusha T ends the interview stating, “Hip-hop is an art form, people can hear authenticity and hear sincerity, so I think that works out in my favor.”

In a uniquely intimate conversation with VICE Autobiographies, Pusha T talks about his rise in the music industry, the pivotal moment that lead to the dissolution of The Clipse, his relationship with his brother Gene and how he has no choice but to convert tragedy into art.

(Via Vice)