Filmmaker Kevin Smith Confirms Redman And Method Man Will Appear In The Jay And Silent Bob Reboot

Via Instagram

As filmmaker Kevin Smith introduced it, method acting is here — and it comes in the form of Method Man and Redman teaming up yet again to join forces on the Jay and Silent Bob reboot. While we’re in a period where everyone is making reboots of classic shows, this is one is going to take a different approach and essentially make fun of reboots.

“Jay and Silent Bob find out that Hollywood is making a reboot of that old movie that they had made about them, and they have to go cross the country to Hollywood to stop it all over again,” Smith recently explained of the film on an episode of his Fat Man On Batman podcast. “It’s literally the same fucking movie all over again. It’s a movie that makes fun of sequels and remakes and reboots while being all three at the same time.”

As for the duo, Smith started his most recent Instagram post about the film saying that the movie will answer the question of how high. It was a must for him to grab these two and he said how, even with the craziness of a shoot, they were picture perfect. It’s clear that some actors, and people, just have chemistry.

“The moment we called “Action,” the legends launched into the single best first take I ever shot in 25 years: They were pitch perfect and hysterical (and a little touching)! It was so good, I could’ve cut their whole performance from that one take!”

You can read the full Instagram post below that contains details on a couple of catch-phrase words as well as Smith describing their single take was one of the top ten memorable moments in his entire career.