Remy Ma Refuses To Comment On Nicki Minaj: ‘My Grandmother Told Me to Never Speak Ill of the Dead’

While most of the rap-loving world continues to wait anxiously for Nicki Minaj to respond to Remy Ma’s two diss tracks, Remy herself is doing everything she can to keep the heat turned all the way up. The rapper recently made an appearance on the Wendy Williams Show alongside Fat Joe to promote their new collaborative album Plata O Plomo dressed from heard to toe in black, like she was going to a funeral. When the subject inevitably turned to her as-yet, one-sided feud with Nicki, which Remy Ma made a tongue-in-cheek effort to dismiss it. “My grandmother told me to never speak ill of the dead,” she said.

When pressed further, she divulged some of what sparked her to record “Shether.” She described Nicki as “not a nice person,” and then explained, “When you’re trying to stop my bag, when you’re trying to stop me from taking care of my children, now I have a problem with that.”

Naturally, the Internet went berserk.

Thursday night, Remy upped the ante on the feud, dropping a second diss track aimed at Nicki titled “Another One.” It was an admirable attempt to draw her foe out, but fell way short of matching her earlier diss’ stark ferocity. Lines like, “Put blood on your head, leave your whole damn head red, Lil Yachty,” probably aren’t going to draw Nicki out…but then again, we’ll see.