Rick And Morty Pull A Heist In Run The Jewels’ Ultra-Violent Video For ‘Oh Mama’

Run the Jewels 3 may have dropped in 2016, but El-P and Killer Mike are still banging out music videos for their third project like it’s brand new. In the latest video for “Oh Mama,” the hard-hitting rap duo recruits another well-known pair of mutual fans, Rick and Morty, for a Reservoir Dogs-like shootout on an alien planet.

The video features the alternate reality-hopping, grandfather-and-grandson duo getting up to their usual shenanigans and getting into not just one, but two shootouts with the bug-like aliens that make up the Galactic Federation. They rob the bugs after shooting up a bar, only to be chased back to Rick’s lair under the family garage, where Rick and “Morty” take out their leader and remaining troops. In the end, the actual score remains a mystery, but in classic Rick And Morty fashion, the answer probably doesn’t matter much anyway — at least not as much as the wild ride.

Rick And Morty‘s producers Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland have proven to be quite the hip-hop heads throughout the surrealist show’s run. They have had references to rap music all throughout several episodes, including one where Logic guest-stars to perform at a party Rick throws after saving the universe (of course, he was the one threatening it in the first place).

Run The Jewels will be the headliners of the inaugural Adult Swim Festival in Downtown LA October 6 and 7.