Cypress Hill And The London Symphony Orchestra Want To Turn A ‘Simpsons’ Joke Into Reality

Despite the Smashing Pumpkins turning into the Billy Corgan Experience, Sonic Youth breaking up, and Peter Frampton releasing something called Hummingbird in a Box: Songs for a Ballet, the “Homerpalooza” episode of The Simpsons has held up remarkably well since it first aired in 1996. The jokes are still incredible — “I used to be with ‘it,’ until they changed what ‘it’ was. Now what I am with isn’t ‘it’ and what is ‘it’ seems weird and scary to me. It’ll happen to you!” only gets more real with every passing day — and where else can you hear Cypress Hill collaborate with the London Symphony Orchestra? Well, if the two acts get their way, an amphitheater and/or concert hall near you.

Last month, Cypress Hill — who remain the only rap group to be banned for life from SNL — tweeted a screencap from “Homerpalooza,” along with the quote, “Did somebody order the London Symphony Orchestra? Possibly while high? Cypress Hill, I’m looking in your direction…” It took awhile, possibly because they were high, but the Orchestra finally responded this week. “We mostly play classical,” the account responded, “but we’ll give it a shot.”

And thus, a beautiful and unlikely friendship was formed.

Cypress Hill: “Let make something happen for real”
London Symphony Orchestra: “YES”
Cypress Hill: “It would be amazing to work on something with you!”
London Symphony Orchestra: “Let’s DM!”

In related news, not only does Gareth Davies, the Orchestra’s principal flute player, claim to know “Insane In the Brain,” he also goes by @Flutelicious on Twitter. I’m somehow more amused by that than the stoners in Cypress Hill working with the tea-sippers in the London Symphony Orchestra.

Now how can Peter Frampton’s pig get involved…?