Stop The Madness: Stop With The Lebron James & Kobe Bryant Comparisons

03.19.13 6 years ago 45 Comments

People with no sense seem to be posting this graphic all over online. I feel like this is a pointless comparison. Kobe Bryant was not starting when he first entered the league. In Kobe’s first year he averaged 15.5 mpg while Lebron average 39.5. Kobe was also not the star player for a while with Shaq holding that position on the Lakers. And yes, Lebron fans, we can’t compare all of Kobe’s rings with Lebron’s since he did have Shaq. How about we just stop comparing these two stars, their careers and play on the court are very different. Who is the better player will always just be a matter of opinion. We can’t even argue that until both of their careers are done.

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