SZA’s Debut Album ‘CTRL’ Is Such A Smash Hit, Even Celebs Are In Their Feelings Over It

SZA‘s debut album dropped on Friday and managed to vault over the massive expectations the world had built up for it. CTRL is an immediate contender for the best R&B album of the year, the sort of smash that is so undeniable that even the cultivated personas of celebrities had to fall so they could geek out for a second.

Everybody on Earth was listening to SZA’s debut this weekend. There might not be a single person on this rock who felt the album more than Diddy.

But that didn’t stop people from making their feelings known. Everyone was vibing to SZA’s debut over the weekend:

Fans ranged from last year’s sudden critical darling Anderson .Paak:

On down to Insecure mastermind Issa Rae:

SZA even returned some of the love:

The Youtubers were all over it:

Everyone from Top 40 songwriters to teenage rappers and internet sensations found something to love in CTRL:

For some of her fellow artists, there were no words:

Olympians had to show respect:

Soon-to-be Harry Styles openers Muna had few words:

The man behind one of the smoothest songs of 2016 had to chime in:

As did a perennial Song of the Summer contender:

Kehlani is ready for SZA’s moment:

And Snapchat showed how the album soundtracked people’s weekends:

But perhaps nothing shows how huge CTRL is better than Mr. Twitter himself had to take a second to tell the world about it:

That’s like the 2017 equivalent of knowing Tom in real life. And SZA’s debut deserves every ounce of the praise. Stream it below and keep your eyes glued to this space for our review: