The Game Thinks Meek Mill And Safaree Just Need To Meet Up And Have A ‘Fair’ Fight To Work Out Their Beef

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Nobody believed it at first, but once footage arrived showing Meek Mill’s crew allegedly trying to jump and attack Safaree, folks couldn’t deny there was beef between Nicki Minaj’s two exes. Meek isn’t shown throwing any punches himself in the video, but his presence is felt as soon as the mayhem begins. Safaree managed to escape without any scratches thanks to his elusiveness, but whatever rivalry is present seems far from being over.

That’s probably why The Game decided to add himself to the mix a bit while chatting with TMZ, offering both a way to settle their differences in a fair, legal manner. After BET’s Celebrity Basketball Game on Saturday, TMZ cameras caught up with the rapper and pressed him for a take, getting a little fight promotion in return:

“Why not meet up and fight one-on-one? You know what I’m saying? It’s only fair.”

“In the streets or like a celebrity boxing thing?”

“However they want to do it, man. Let’s get it done.”

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