Thundercat And Zack Fox Offer Some Awful Advice To Preview Their Red Bull Radio Show, ‘BRUH’

Renowned Los Angeles bassist and producer Thundercat is known for being a pretty odd guy. The pink locs and mix-and-match thrift store fashion can have an unsettling effect, but that’s how he likes it. He stands out and he definitely leaves an impression — and that’s before you get to his extremely enjoyable mash-up of funk, jazz, R&B and even yacht-rock influences underpinning the lighthearted anime and video game references throughout his music.

His propensity for slinging off-the-wall one-liners makes him the perfect guest for Red Bull Radio‘s Awful Records show BRUH, hosted by Twitter personality and stand-up comic Zack Fox (@zackfox). In this Uproxx exclusive preview, the pair issue “awful advice” to fans ranging from silly to straight-up outrageous. As Fox reads off the questions, Thundercat offers his unique guidance on everything from his pastry preferences to earning declarations of parental pride.

Of course, follow this advice at your own risk. One intrepid fan seeking advice for an upcoming performance after a recent injury is given an unusual out: “Get the biggest cast you can get so you can’t. It’s making you worse at your job. Get the thickest, biggest cast. Anything you can do to just stand there and not be helpless and real handicapped. You could DJ with two broken arms.”

Check out the preview above, and tune into Red Bull Radio’s BRUH every fourth Friday of the month at 6 PM EST here.