T.I. Explains Why A ‘Roots’ Remake Is Necessary On ‘The View’

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“Dope” rapper T.I. appeared on The View Monday morning and discussed his role in the upcoming Roots remake. The part-time actor plays “Cyrus,” a runaway slave in the film airing on four-consecutive nights starting Monday, May 30.

Though the unprecedented original Roots series finale remains the second most-watched finale in U.S. television history, the remake is already garnering backlash despite the fact that it hasn’t aired yet. As it turns out, people are tired of slave movies. But it’s not just a slave movie, T.I. told the ladies of The View. It’s African-American history that needs to be told again because there’s a disconnect between the older movie and the current generation.

“I think this story is the origin of African-Americans,” the rapper explained. “I think the first one, although it is the most watched television series of all-time, I don’t think this generation had an opportunity to experience it and take it in properly.” T.I. goes on to explain technology’s role in the disconnect. “Just due to the amount of technology now. You watch any movie from that era, if you’re of this generation, it’s just difficult to get into it because it looks so different.”

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