Timbaland Apologizes To Chris Brown For Saying His Song With Aaliyah “Won’t Work”

07.26.13 6 years ago 4 Comments

I want 2 publicly apologize 2 my lil homie @chrisbrown 4 my statements on revolt regarding the Aaliyah collaborations. I actually like the song wit him n Aaliyah, it’s just when you are talking about babygirl its a very sensitive subject with me. So the people who not only worked with her but grew a bond so tight we are like family so im very over protective over her. I have mad luv 4 my dude Chris Brown. A mother lost a daughter. a brother lost a sister. That is still grieving over her passing, it just a very sensitive subject. I just want the family to be respected

Timbaland sends an apology to Chris Brown but none to Drake.

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