Watch Travis Scott Perform On Top Of A Giant Mechanical Bird For The ‘DAMN.’ Tour’s Kick Off

Travis Scott’s live show over the past few years has only escalated in surreality. The Houston producer, rapper and latest addition to Jenner dating rumors used his Birds Eye View tour to perform “Goosebumps” a record number of times; compel fans to jump off the balcony at Terminal 5 in New York City; get Drake himself to wild out to “Goosebumps” during a show and create his own brand of general anarchy, sometimes resulting in his own arrest. Last night during the opening leg of Kendrick Lamar’s DAMN. tour in Phoenix, Scott upped the ante again by riding an animatronic bird as if it were a nimbus cloud.

Anyone who caught Scott’s own Birds tour could see the giant mechanical bird off in the distance, occasionally lighting up to match signature Scott melodies such as “Way Back” or “Mamacita.” This go-around, the bird apparently has been given its cues to fly as Scott hopped on the back of it and rode it around as if he were Goku from Dragon Ball Z. Energetic and engaged as a performer, Scott’s recent antics has caused many to revisit the days of Onyx and Redman and Method Man shows where stage diving was the norm and mosh pits were regular occurrences.

Let’s pray nothing terrible happens to Travis on top of that bird throughout the tour though, but at this point, it seems like he’s invincible.