Tyler, The Creator Finally Shared The Song Where He Addresses His Sexual Identity

Nine days ago, the internet somehow or another got ahold of Tyler The Creator’s Flower Boy album, and there was a serious shockwave when one of the songs on it sounded a lot like Tyler coming out of the closet on the record in his music for the first time. It prompted belated homophobic disses from old head rappers, as well as speculation that he might be moving in a gentler, more honest and sincere direction in his music.

Today, the world at large gets to weigh in, as he finally drops “I Ain’t Got Time,” complete with annotated Genius lyrics where he — in typical Tyler The Creator fashion — avoids addressing the drama altogether, instead opting for a funny story about the recording of the song while Kanye West napped in the studio (apparently Yeezy didn’t like the song and passed on the beat).

Of course the lyrics in question remain intact, with Tyler semi-bragging, “Next line will have ’em like ‘Woah’ / I’ve been kissing white boys since 2004.” Tyler doesn’t address the couplet in question, but astute listeners did add an old Tyler tweet where he insists that, “I TRIED TO COME OUT THE DAMN CLOSET LIKE FOUR DAYS AGO AND NO ONE CARED.” Since it’s Tyler, and given his reputation for non-stop trolling, it will probably be a while before anyone gets an honest answer out of him, but until then, “I Ain’t Got Time” is still an ugly-face-inducing banger, with or without an explanation for that line.