Tyler The Creator Flipped The Beat From Jay-Z’s ‘4:44’ To Create This Fire New Track ‘Ziploc’

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It was only a matter of time before other MCs got to the sonic material that producer No I.D. put together on Jay-Z’s fantastic new album 4:44. Tyler The Creator just happened to beat everyone to the punch. Today, without any kind of warning, the Flower Boy rapper dropped a remix of the title track from that record to create his own confessional new song titled “Ziploc.”

In his take on the song, Tyler raps about a whole range of different subject, the most prominent of which is love. “Whats the point of being rich when you wake up alone? / Whats the point of going home when it Ain’t nobody there? / F*ck that I grab my bike and phone home in the air / And i pedal through the city with the wide frame steer / With that tall pale boy that I met last year / Frape, thats what I call em, love, thats what I fall in / Fell in I ain’t like sports growing up but now im balling / I guess I’m a late bloomer.”

At one point, he also alludes to the shot that Jay took at Kanye in a curious way. “Leg day is getting skipped, guess who really running shit?”

You can listen to Tyler’s take on “4:44” above.

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