Vic Mensa Meets Kung-Fu Kanye In A Quest To Become The Black Belt Master Of Chicago In His Wild Webseries

Vic Mensa is well-known for being outspoken and socially-conscious, but he also has a funny side. His cheerfully absurdist sense of humor is on full display in Mind Of Mensa, his hilarious new animated webshow with Chicago-based animators WeBuyGold. You can watch the first episode above, and check out each installment each Friday on WeBuyGold’s Instagram.

In the first installment, Vic begins his journey to become “Black Belt Master Of Chicago” with help of his thinly-disguised mentor Mister Miyogyeezy (“I’m not calling you that.” “… Just ‘Mister Ye’ is fine.”) after getting punked by a bully. Mister Ye introduces Vic to a new acronym for his last name (different from the Mensa International society from which Vic originally borrowed his alias) and to a talking wolf named Canis. He’s given a magic bandana that will focus his mind as he journeys through the depths of the arcade to achieve his final form.

Other supporting characters throughout the series will include various artists from Vic Mensa’s real-life travels throughout the music biz like Pharrell Williams.

“It’s a really cool opportunity to make a cartoon like this and share it with the world,” Vic said of the show, but it’s even more fun just being a fan and catching references to to old-school video games, shows, movies, and cartoons that featured a “hero’s journey” like Karate Kid, Dragon Ball, and Double Dragon while spotting famous rappers in clever disguises. Will Vic finally defeat his bully? Will he achieve MENSA? Will Canis really have to take a dump while flying to the next destination? Find out next time on Mind Of Mensa.