Video: Bow Wow Speaks On Hosting 106 & Park, Diversifying His Hustle & Praises 50 Cent

11.21.12 5 years ago 29 Comments

I felt like no other artist in music could do this, I feel like it wouldn’t make sense for them. People know this is where I came from. If it wasn’t for, “106 & Park ,” it never would of been no Bow Wow.

For me to be only 25 years old, for me to be like the poster child for BET right now and for me to have this position of power here… It’s definitely trying to set the tone for other black men too who are aspiring to be young CEO’s and show them that it is possible.

Nobody wants to rap forever, you can because it’s your first love. You become uncool at a certain point, only Jay-Z makes it so cool. He(50 Cent) reminds me of a drug dealer, your suppose to do it that way if your going to sell drugs. Get in, go hard for 5-6 years, don’t stay around too long. Get all the money you can and leave. He put a hard six years work into the game, sold millions of records and made millions of dollars.

Bow Wow

Bow Wow aka, “Mr. 106 & Park,” speaks on the decision to become the host of, “106 & Park.” He speaks on his role as a host and consultant and speaks on diversifying his hustle. He goes on to praise 50 Cent’s business savvy.

Produced By Nigel D.

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