Vince Staples Keeps It Real At The Boardwalk In This Hilarious New Sprite Ad

It turns out that Vince Staples the pitchman is as hilariously candid as Vince Staples the interview subject, and as cut-to-the-chase blunt as Vince Staples the rapper. Let’s just say it’s a good thing Vince isn’t really a boardwalk game operator or he’d never make booth rent. All it takes for a group of “random” teenagers to win a can of cool, refreshing Sprite is a little name recognition, and Vince’s characteristic lack of interest in playing by the rules takes care of the rest.

He even brushes aside the idea of “acting,” or engaging in a “willful suspension of disbelief. As he says, “Product is important,” before directing whoever’s behind the camera to “Make sure they see that logo!”

Vince’s entry into Sprite’s #WannaSprite campaign comes on the heels of the equally hilarious and transparent commercial featuring Lebron James and Lil Yachty. However, unlike Yachty’s fun, upbeat “Minnesota,” very few — okay, none — of Mr. Staples’ nihilistic tunes could be reworked into a family friendly, soda-slinging jingle.

And while Vince’s approach to both music, and the giant sales machine designed to promote the product to the public, is often described as “sincere,” he’s a bit too fond of keeping it real to play up the role, which is what makes the ad in question as refreshing as the product out pushes. Rather than all the clever filmmaking and catchy slogans, sometimes it feels more honest to just say, “Here, buy this,” and honesty is what Vince Staples does best.