Waka Flocka And His Wife Tammy Roast Daniel Caesar For Calling Black People Mean

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Atlanta trap rap pioneer Waka Flocka Flame and his wife Tammy Rivera aren’t impressed with Daniel Caesar’s assertion that Black people are “mean to white people.” In fact, it’s their view that as a Canadian, he shouldn’t be speaking on Black Americans’ issues with racism at all. That’s what they told TMZ’s cameraman when he caught them up to speed on his comments after asking their opinion and showing them a video of Caesar’s late-night rant.

At first, Tammy has no idea what the cameraman is even talking about, wrinkling her nose at the mention of YesJulz and wondering, “What’s that?” After the facts have been established, Waka opines that “It’s not the white people of the millennium. It’s about the old motherf*ckers that’s still being racist.” He references the recent mosque shooting in Christchurch in Australia and compares the blocking of the live-streamed videos from that tragedy to the fact that police shooting footage is rarely blocked in the same way: “You see all the Black kids dying.”

Tammy also questions why Caesar feels the need to weigh in in the first place, considering he comes from Canada, saying: “He doesn’t know what’s going on.” Although her statement that “there’s no racism” in Canada may not strictly be accurate, the example she provides sounds pulled straight from the headlines of an American newspaper. “Tell him to drive down the street in his car and get pulled over by two white cops,” she says. “Then he’ll figure out why.”

The interview concludes with some tough talk from Waka, but the sentiment is clear: Daniel Caesar gave an opinion that was underinformed and inaccurate, which is always a recipe for disaster — as he learned Tuesday night, when he went viral for all the wrong reasons.

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