Will Smith Recreated Jaden Smith’s ‘Icon’ Video On Instagram To Celebrate A Streaming Milestone

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02.07.18 7 Comments

A few things that shouldn’t be in question about Will Smith is the dedication he has to his family and his natural talent for crafting a great Instagram post. He’s only got a few posts to this point, but he’s proven extremely popular and inspirational to folks deciding to follow him, amassing 7.4 million followers with just 60 posts. Of course, he’s The Fresh Prince. It shouldn’t be so surprising.

But his latest post, seen above, might be the tops to this point. Not only does it confirm the first point about his family, it does it in a way that congratulates his son while also being entertaining. It’s a full-on re-creation of Jaden’s video, Icon, complete with the grills, some bleached hair, and that pink tint all over the place.

The clip is in celebration of Jaden reaching 100 million streams on Spotify, performing the song for a moment before sending his message to close out the short Instagram clip. Our review for Syre, Jaden Smith’s latest album, laid out some high praise and called it one of the “biggest and best” rap albums of 2017. He might not be everybody’s cup of tea and he might have some odd events in the past, but it’s clear that he has found some success.

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