Wiz Khalifa’s Wisdom Teeth Extraction Video Is Hilariously Dramatic

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Consider it.

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And on this latest episode of Rappers Doing The Absolute Most, we have Wiz Khalifa conquering his fear of the dentist by getting his wisdom teeth ripped out of their sockets. The “Black and Yellow” MC documented part of his harrowing journey for his Taylor Gang fans on social media with the most dramatic footage of a wisdom teeth extraction video you’ll ever see. Seriously. You would’ve thought he was geting ready for open heart surgery.

The minute-long clip starts with that somber piano music you hear on those weight loss challenge shows. You know, the kind of music that plays when contestants are crying and about to give up. So, that’s playing, and we see a visibly nervous Wiz answering questions and signing papers before the 29-year-old rapper is prepped for his wisdom teeth extraction. Still worried, a friend places a calming hand on Wiz’s shoulder while he lets the sweet, sweet gas do its thing and he gets Yamborghini high.

An hour later and we’re done. Wiz receives a bag of his gross wisdom teeth. He calls for his buddy and hugs him, probably thankful to see him after making it through routine dental surgery alive. Wiz is later wheel-chaired away with a swollen face because even though he loves the dental crew, he’s “ready to get the f*ck outta there.”

I hope Wiz can go a few days without smoking. Dry socket is an excruciating b*tch.