YG’s ‘One Time Comin'” Video Is A Tale Of Two Police Chases

Contributing Writer

It might be out of necessity, but some of most unexpected rappers are becoming political firebrands. T.I. has pulled himself out of the weird pop music purgatory he was in for years by laying aggressively political statements over beats and Bompton gang-rap mastermind YG has given us blunt anthems against Donald Trump and police brutality. The latter now has a frightening new video that documents the difference between police chases for a rich rapper like YG and an everyday man on the street.

The “One Time Comin’” video follows YG as he leads police in a high-speed chase in his high-end vehicle, but regularly cuts to bodycam shots of a man running from the cops on foot. The two chases end in dramatically different fashion. YG sits on the roof of his car and taunts police while the regular Joe meets an uncertain but definitely tragic end.

It’s far from the first time that YG has touched on the subject of overzealous and unnecessary use of force by the police. He recently pledged to donate $1 from every ticket sold on his FDT tour to the families of victims of police brutality. And if he wants to continue down this new political path, unfortunately it looks like he won’t run out of material any time soon.

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