‘You Name It’ Is Officially On iTunes And Is Ready To Conquer The Billboard Charts

By the hammer of Thor he’s done it! Suede The Remix God, the guy who created “You Name It” out of Shirley Caesear’s “Hold My Mule,” really made a longer version of the viral smash and tossed it up on iTunes for us all. Suede did promise he’d have it out before Thanksgiving and he actually delivered. And hell yeah I bought the single because I’m getting tired of being unproductive by watching #UNameItChallenges on Instagram all day long.

Not sure how Suede got Shirley Caesar to sign off on selling “You Name It” or if she even gave her blessing, but one thing the pastor, who admitted she cried when she heard the song went viral, isn’t fond of is people dancing sexually to my new favorite track. TMZ got a hold of the popular pastor and she said she isn’t with all that bumping and grinding you all be doing. She’s a woman of the Lord for Christ’s sake.

“When you look and see all of the gyrations, especially the women — I can put up with the dancing — but all of the shaking and twerking, and all of that…I just want everybody to know that I’m a gospel singer,” Pastor Caesar revealed. “I’m a born-again believer, I’m a pastor and I don’t ever want anything, not anything, to bring a reflection of what I stand for.”

Now that “You Name It” is for sale, how soon before it makes a splash on the Billboard Hot 100? If Rae Sremmurd’s Black Beatles can claim No. 1 off the strength of the Mannequin Challenge than “You Name It” can at least crack Top 20.

Buy “You Name It” here.