LAPD Denies Yo Gotti Is A Person Of Interest In The Young Dolph Shooting

The LAPD is now refuting reports that Yo Gotti is a person of interest in the Hollywood shooting that left fellow Memphis rapper Young Dolph hospitalized on Tuesday afternoon (September 26).

LAPD Public Information Officer Sal Ramirez instead refuted the earlier claim that Yo Gotti was part of the investigation to Revolt TV, saying, “There’s no information on any rapper or persons of interest at this time.” Yo Gotti was likely tabbed as part of the investigation due to his longstanding beef with Young Dolph.

Dolph is now reportedly in critical but stable condition and recovering from the attack. He was less lucky in this instance than in an incident from earlier this year, during which assailants fired over 100 shots at him in his bulletproof SUV. While he emerged from that attack unscathed — and even performed later that night — the controversial rapper was less fortunate this time around, as his attackers took a more personal approach.

Revolt spoke with LAPD Detective Meghan Aguilar on the scene just moments after the shooting, revealing that ” (Dolph) was in a verbal altercation with a group of three men… it turned into a physical altercation and he was knocked to the ground. When he was on the ground, one of the men in that group of three pulled out a handgun and began shooting at him.”

Dolph was scheduled for surgery, and hopefully he has a speedy recovery while avoiding any more altercations.