While You Wait For New Young Thug Music His Snapchat Is All The Entertainment You Need

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It has been 213 days since Young Thug has released a new LP and that’s entirely too long. All signs point towards Thugger dropping something new soon: he’s dyed his hair, released a few scant songs, killed a few features, just wrapped up a tour with Drake, he’s been previewing a ton of new music on his Snapchat and the stage is set. Long story short, Thug needs to make his grand return, and soon. Please.

Thankfully, as Thug fans bide their time until his next release they have his Snapchat to keep them endlessly entertained. Thug can be found on the app with the appropriately named account thuggersnap, and while admittedly a lot of his posts are just Thug showing off his jewelry and doing a bunch of nothing, there are gems to be had in little 10-second bursts.

Take for instance, the above video, wherein Thug uses the new bunny filter to politely suggest that someone provide him with oral sex, repeatedly. Or this picture that he let his followers see for 10 whole seconds because why not.

Between the hilariousness, Thug randomly plays new music while toying with his jewels or riding around town with his girlfriend, or kicking it with famous people in the studio. So yeah, long story short, follow Thugger on Snap and Jeff, if you’re reading this, release some new music soon. It’s time.

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