10 things that make Jennifer Lawrence the Millennial Messiah

Jennifer Lawrence: Highest-paid actress of 2015. Three-time Oscar nominee. Academy Award winner. Star of two box office-smashing franchises. Kentucky native. 25-year-old.

Since she earned an Oscar nom for “Winter”s Bone” in 2011, Lawrence has shot to fame, recognized universally and beloved universally too. Both on the big screen playing critically hailed roles and on small screens on various talk shows and carpets where she puts her best role – herself – on display with her spontaneity, humor and realness, Lawrence is continually garnering fans. Her massively successful franchise, “The Hunger Games,” comes to a close with the release of “Mockingjay – Part 2” this Friday, but Lawrence shows no sign of slowing down: On her slate is another “X-Men” movie, a sci-fi flick with Chris Pratt, a Darren Aronofsky project and a comedy she”s co-writing with Amy Schumer.

The odds, truly, seem to be ever in her favor.

Read on for 10 reasons  why she just might be the Millennial Messiah.