Watch: A$AP Rocky, Drake, 2 Chainz and Kendrick Lamar combine for ‘Problems’

Today, A$AP Rocky released the video for his single “F**ckin’ Problems,” off of “LongLiveA$AP.” It coincides with the announcement that the album is now due on Jan. 15.

Here are five points for clarification:

1) “F**ckin’ Problems” does not refer to having difficulties fornicating. It’s about problems that are more difficult than others, first and foremost, plus needing to have sex so much and ample reserve of game girls that such a lifestyle becomes an issue. Suspiciously, f*cking b*tches helps to solve said problems. SO DEEP.

2) When you’re asking yourself, “What is that blue outfit Drake wearing? And what’s up with 2 Chainz’ eyewear?”, you can tell yourself that they’re channeling Boyz II Men circa 1995.

3) Lamar wears his long tuxedo jacket better than A$AP Rocky.

4) Due to the nature of this horny dude ode, it is likely that the dancers were not issued tuxedo jackets, and not that they refused them. The commodification of the woman’s form again repeats the same hip-hop pattern of objectification for self-aggrandization, treasuring the object, then rejecting the object as a f*ckin’ problem (or, as Drake’ own cohort Nicki Minaj says, “Love a bunch of girls / and then cry / on top of the world.”) even as a joke.

5) I like A$AP Rocky, but his verse is the weakest and he’s out to artlessly offend: “They say money make a n*gga act n*gger-ish / But at least a n*gga n*gga rich / I be f*ckin’ broads like I be f*ckin’ bored / Turn a d*ke b*tch out have her f*ckin’ boys.” Whatever, this video is f*cking boring.