‘Avengers: Endgame’ Is Looking At Potentially Massive, Record-Breaking Opening Weekend — Thanks To China

Marvel Studios

Judging by how excited people have been about its character posters, chances are pretty good that Avengers: Endgame is going to make all of the money when it comes crashing into theaters on April 26th. Thanks to a deal securing an earlier-than-normal release for the Marvel Studios tentpole in China, however, it looks like the sequel to last year’s Avengers: Infinity War may very well break all the box office records during its opening weekend. In fact, Deadline is reporting that the film could haul in well over $800 million.

Like Infinity War before it, Endgame will be opening simultaneously in the United States, the United Kingdom, Europe and pretty much the majority of the global box office — or 72 percent of the overseas market, to be precise. Unlike Infinity War, however, which saw its Chinese and Russian debuts the week after, Endgame has scored a simultaneous release at least in China’s market. In other worse, the percentage of eyeballs across the globe that will be watching the film on opening weekend will be much, much higher.

So, per Deadline’s comparative number-crunching:

The offshore opening on Infinity War was $382.7M with domestic at $257.7M. That set an all-time global opening of $640.4M. Two weeks later, Infinity War crushed a $199.3M China bow.

Combined, those opening scores equal $839.7M.

This doesn’t inherently mean that Endgame will gross upwards of $840 million, let alone over $800 million, in its extended opening weekend. With the help of eager Chinese moviegoers, however, the chances are pretty good that this, or something like it, will happen in late April. Either way, it’s a good bet that Endgame is going to make all of the money there is to make at theaters around the world when it opens. So it’s a good thing that Marvel Studios didn’t literally snap all those potential ticket-buyers away.

(Via Deadline)