The Latest ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Leak Has Fans Begging Marvel For A Proper Trailer Release

It’s been months since Comic-Con drip-fed fans details of how the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s upcoming shift into Phase Four will treat their favorite characters. Since then, Thor: Ragnarok has been a perfectly acceptable stopgap on the way to the Infinity War, but still — fans want their Marvel epic overwhelmingly-full of fan favorites. “When is the trailer dropping?” They ask. There were already plenty of still image leaks of the trailer. When? When?!

Turns out, today. Kinda. A brief clip of Infinity War was leaked online, and fans are rightfully freaking at what they saw.

In the periphery of the main plotlines for the 17 (and counting) Marvel Cinematic Universe movies so far, have been the brief adventures of The Collector, slowly but surely coming across the Infinity Stones. We saw Benicio del Toro’s character begin his search for the stones of Thanos’ eye in Thor: The Dark World, and he played a larger role as he nearly got his hands on another stone in Guardians of the Galaxy.

Remember this?

In the leaked clip, that is clearly early footage that is missing sound work and special effects, the Guardians see The Collector being crushed under Thanos’ boot in a ham-fisted interrogation for the location of any Infinity Stones. It’s brief, and possibly won’t even make it into the movie for all we know, but the clip has since been taken down from multiple sites hosting it, so we won’t know if Drax, who is very interested in seeing the being that killed his family, will ever get his revenge.

The short clip has fans yearning for more and wondering if all the leaks are going to kill off the excitement when an official Marvel trailer is dropped.