Disney’s Streaming Showdown With Netflix Could Bring Some Big Changes For Marvel’s TV Series

Disney’s all-powerful new streaming service is set to arrive in 2019 and questions have hovered around what that means for Disney films and TV series on Netflix going forward. According to a new report, it seems like we may already have our answer on the fate of Netflix’s array of Marvel offerings.

The Wall Street Journal reports (h/t /Film) that all of Marvel’s new streaming shows going forward will play exclusively on Disney’s new service. That essentially creates a historical bubble around Netflix’s current slate of original content featuring Marvel characters and ushers in Disney’s streaming strategy for their superhero properties. Provided there isn’t some sort of unexpected twist, Daredevil, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Jessica Jones, The Defenders and The Punisher will rank as the only original Marvel programs that’ll exist on under Netflix umbrella. Whether or not those titles will be migrating over to Disney’s new service is still to be determined.

Disney’s strategy going forward may undergo reevaluation in the wake of stalled talks to purchase 21st Century Fox. The entertainment giant is clearly active in its attempts to expand its success in a significant way (as entertainment giants are wont to do) and where they look to next will likely have an impact on their future streaming service.

(Via Wall Street Journal & /Film)