The ‘Game Of Thrones’ Series Finale Script Confirms What Ygritte Knew All Along: Jon Snow Is ‘Dumb’


David Benioff and D.B. Weiss have been widely criticized for how they ended HBO’s Game of Thrones, but the showrunners did make at least one great decision in the series finale: Jon Snow is, canonically speaking, “dumb.”

The Emmy-nominated scripts in the Outstanding Writing for a Drama Series and Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series categories are now available online, giving The Good Place fans a chance to count the number of times the word “Janet” comes up in “Janet(s)” (spoiler: it’s 241). Of particular importance is the once-super secret script for “The Iron Throne,” the final episode of Game of Thrones. You can read the whole thing here, but let me direct you to page 20, which begins, “Drogon’s huge brow lowers and his pupils dilate as the worst is confirmed. His lips raise over teeth as long as short swords.” Jon Snow has just killed Daenerys Targaryen, and the queen’s dragon, Drogon, is not pleased.

“The dragon rises up on his hind legs, towering over Jon. In a beautiful, terrifying tableaux, he roars to the sky, the embodiment of rage. He looks down at Jon. We see the fire build up in his throat. Jon sees it as well. He prepares to die,” Benioff and Weiss’ script continues, but Jon doesn’t die. “The blast is not for him. Drogon wants to burn the world but he will not kill Jon.” Drogon and the Joker would get along handsomely. Anyway, here’s the important part:

“He breathes fire on the back wall, blasting down what remains of the great red blocks of stone.

We look over Jon’s shoulder as the fire sweeps toward the throne — not the target of Drogon’s wrath, just a dumb bystander caught up in the conflagration.”

First off, 25 Scrabble points for the use of “conflagration.” Also, even the showrunners thought Jon Snow was “dumb.” Ygritte was right all along.

Hashtag Justice for Ygritte.

(Via The Emmys)