HBO teams with Al Gore’s daughter on comedy ‘Women In Space’

HBO teams with Al Gore's daughter on comedy “Women In Space”
Kristen Gore is teaming up with Jay Roach on a comedy about a group of women on a mission to colonize another planet. Gore will write the series.

What it's like to die on “Scandal”
Dan Bucatinsky lists the 11 things he learned, including having “ER's” Dr. Robert Romano, AKA Paul McCrane, direct your death scene.

Admit it: “HIMYM” was always terrible
“How I Met Your Mother” fan EJ Dickson is convinced the creators threw in the towel a long time ago. “In truth, HIMYM never jumped the shark, because HIMYM was always terrible,” he says. “And frankly, I wasn”t as disappointed by the finale as other fans were. In a way, it was fitting, because it exemplified the lack of respect for its audience”s intelligence and desire to pander to the lowest common denominator that have been part of HIMYM”s modus operandi all along.” PLUS: The story behind the finale music.

Lifetime's “Flowers in the Wind” sequel premieres on Memorial Day
Here's your 1st look at “Petals on the Wind.”

“The Mindy Project” returns, raunchier than ever
“It's some of the raciest stuff I've ever written, and it's also some of the funniest,” Mindy Kaling says of tonight's one-hour return. “It's a really great way to bring the show back for spring. I'm so excited.”

Lady Gaga will perform on Letterman for the 1st time
The performer has previously appeared on “The Late Show” as a guest. Gaga will perform on Wednesday's show.

“Franklin  & Bash” books George Wendt and Kurt Fuller
The “Cheers” alum will play a food inspector, while Fuller will guest as a  restaurateur.

“Inside Amy Schumer”: The most sneakily feminist show on TV
Season 2 of Schumer's Comedy Central series premieres tonight, and Willa Paskin says “Schumer channels her perspective through an onscreen persona that is insecure, self-proclaimedly slutty, crass, selfish, glossy-onscreen, Amy Schumer thinks feminism is the ultimate F word.” PLUS: Everything on this show is a double entendre.