James Wan Doesn’t ‘Know Or Understand’ Why ‘Swamp Thing’ Was Abruptly Cancelled

DC Universe

The sudden cancellation of Swamp Thing — the TV reboot of the beloved DC/Vertigo comic, about a man reborn as, well, a “swamp thing” — surprised many, particularly as the news came but a week after its premiere. So far there have been no explanations. Among those baffled: James Wan, the show’s executive producer. The Saw and Aquaman director took to Instagram Saturday to let people know he doesn’t have any answers either.

“Don’t really know or understand why #Swampthing was cancelled,” Wan wrote, “but I can tell you this — all the cast and crew, and producing/writing team poured their hearts into this. Really proud of everyone’s hard work. Go watch episode 2, and immortalize these 10 episodes. Swampy deserves it.”

Swamp Thing was the third show to launch on DC Universe, the comic line’s still relatively new streaming service. News that the show would not be picked up for a second season came on Thursday, only two months after word hit that the show’s episode order was reduced from 13 to 10. Eight episodes remain and will continue to drop as scheduled, every Friday through August.

Apart from inspiring two movies, including Wes Craven’s 1982 original, Swamp Thing is perhaps most famous for turning a young, ambitious comics writer named Alan Moore into an industry superstar. Starting in 1984, Moore took a low-selling comic and helped change the entire game, with stories aimed at more adult, more thoughtful audience.

(Via Deadline)