Josh Brolin Trolls The Avengers After Thanos Finally Surfaces In ‘Endgame’ Promos


After multiple Avengers: Endgame trailers and TV spots, which have been loaded up with fake footage and digitally erased characters to prevent spoilers, Thanos finally made an appearance in a Tuesday morning teaser. It’s about dang time that this happened, right? That “intergalactic sociopath” killed half the universe the last time we saw him, and fans want to talk about him so badly that they won’t let go of that theory about his butt and Ant-Man. Well, Marvel Studios heard the call, and now we’re getting heaping helpings of Thanos.

In a new trailer that premiered on Tuesday night (to celebrate chaotic ticket sales, I guess), the narrating Thanos declares that he’s won and that he’s about to do something that he’ll “enjoy very, very much.” This follows up on the actor’s own trolling of both the Avengers and those who love them on Instagram, where he boasted about not even needing to wear his armor in Endgame.

“Just because you look serious, doesn’t mean I have to take you seriously,” Brolin wrote. “I’ll put on my armor anyway, just to make you feel that all the effort wasn’t for nothing.” He added a devil emoji with the #teamthanos hashtag.

Well, Thanos doesn’t need to be too cocky. The Avengers may have had their numbers greatly reduced, but they’ve got the super-powered Captain Marvel fighting on their side now, and Star-Lord is (at least temporarily) out of the game, so he won’t hand an easy victory to the Mad Titan again. It’s also gonna be impossible for fans to watch Endgame without thinking of Brolin’s recent toilet video, so at the very least, Thanos would be wise to wear armor in the posterior area.

If you missed that Thanos-narrated Endgame TV spot with never-seen-before action footage, catch it below.

Avengers: Endgame arrives in theaters on April 26.