Movie Power Rankings: ‘Hunger Games’ fights its way to the top

It felt like an eternity, but the full-length trailer for the Suzanne Collins adaptation has finally dropped. Although it only teases the film’s fight-to-the-death competition, it lays to rest any doubts about Jennifer Lawrence being able to pull off being the reluctant, bow and arrow-wielding badass that is Katniss Everdeen. In a very busy week for high-profile trailers (see below), “Hungers Games” comes out on top. And Lionsgate is already prepping for the sequel, “Catching Fire.” Let the games begin…

As for the rest of this week’s list… 

November 17, 2011

1. “Hunger Games”

Lionsgate is hoping to fill the young adult fiction-at-the-movies void that will soon be there now that “Harry Potter” is finished and “Twilight” is nearing completion. If the trailer is any indication, the odds are in their favor.

2. “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn”

It’s upon us. I hope you brought a smart phone with you while you’re waiting in line at the theater so you can read the rest of this list.

3. “Brave”

Let’s just agree that “Cars 2” was just a speedbump that we’ll all forget about soon. To that end, this trailer is full of that now-old fashioned Pixar promise.

4.  “The Dark Knight Rises”

Even Liam Neeson is excited about it, even if he’s not returning for a cameo as Ra’s al Ghul…or is he?

5. “Snow White and the Huntsman”

This is KStew week here at Movie Power Rankings. Although she doesn’t figure much in the trailer, “Snow White” looks like the coolest film she’s ever made. And hi to Charlize Theron. Big fan ever since your catfight with Teri Hatcher in “2 Days in the Valley.”

6. “Mirror Mirror”

What a strange strategy. Just days after the well-received trailer for “Snow White and the Huntsman” is released, Relativity fights back (sort of) with an almost-unwatchable one for their Snow White film. Still, Tarsem Singh (“Immortals”) is behind the camera, Julia Roberts is in front of it, and it opens three months before “Huntsman.”

7. “Akira”

If “Twilight” and “Snow White” aren’t your thing, try Kristen Stewart in an apocalyptic SF remake of a cult classic anime film.

8. “The Descendants”

George Clooney and director Alexander Payne (“Election,” “Sideways”) have apparently hit it out of the park with this one.

9. “Man of Steel”

You won’t be seeing it for over a year, but WB is pretty sure you’ll like it — they’re already talking about a sequel to Zack Snyder’s Superman reboot.

10. “Doctor Who”

The long-running Brit cult series is finally officially headed to the big screen, and “Harry Potter” director David Yates will be calling the shots. But who should play the new Doctor? Any thoughts?

11. “The Avengers”

Alan Silvestri, who provided the music for “Captain America,” is returning to the Marvel fold by signing on to score Joss Whedon’s superhero epic starring Robert Downey Jr., Scarlett Johansson, Chris Evans and the rest of Hollywood.

12. “Titanic” 3D

After I finish alphabetizing my Spice Girls CDs and AOL chatting about Monica Lewinsky, I think I’ll go check out this new movie inspired by a Celine Dion song. The poster and the trailer both look cool.

13. “The Muppets”

Why should Twi-hards have all the fun? Jim Henson’s critters can pull off mysterious and seductive just as much as Edward and Bella, as seen here.

14. “Django Unchained”

Omar from “The Wire” — the biggest badass on the planet — is headed to the Wild, Wild West of Quentin Tarantino-land. Michael Kenneth Williams is in talks to joins Leonardo Dicaprio, Jamie Foxx and Kurt Russell in the film.

15. “Wrath of the Titans”

The sequel is officially no longer “Clash of the Titans 2.” Why are they making it? Because you bought a ticket for the first one (hey, so did I!).

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