Name The ‘Arrow-verse’ is committed to LGBT representation – She Said, She Said

She Said/She Said is a (usually) daily video featuring HitFix Harpy Donna Dickens and HitFix Weekend Editor Jill Pantozzi discussing current events in geek news.

Fall television is gearing up again, which means superhero season is shifting from the big screen to the small one. Several networks have their ‘caped crusader” shows, but nothing holds a candle to the interconnected universe that is The CW”s ‘Arrow-verse.” Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, and Supergirl can be a logistical nightmare behind-the-scenes but the hard work and schedule juggling results in a pretty seamless DC universe.

Executive producer Greg Berlanti has a long history of actively diversifying his shows, so it should come as no surprise that the fall season of the ‘Arrow-verse” will include more LBGT characters.

In the video above (and below) Donna Dickens and Jill Pantozzi talk about where this version of the DCEU is headed in 2016-2017.