Sony’s ‘Venom’ Film Could Now Be Connected To ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ Despite Earlier Reports

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So the idea of Sony continuing to produce Spider-Man related films was already a strange, questionable idea given Marvel’s production of Spider-Man: Homecoming. While Spider-Man was back in the fold with the rest of the MCU, for at least a few films at this point, anything Sony was planning was reportedly far removed from anything Marvel is doing. That made sense to the point where any of those characters would appear in Infinity War or other Marvel Cinematic Universe films, but seemed silly if they were just stand-alone films without Peter Parker’s involvement.

Then Sony took it a step further by announcing Venom for 2018 with Tom Hardy in the starring role, followed soon by the Black Cat/ SIlver Sable movie that has been rumored since the Andrew Garfield days in the Spider-Man costume. If the Sinister Six film were still in motion, none of us would be surprised at this point, but that also doesn’t mean Sony doesn’t have some more confusing claims up their sleeve. Take this interview with Kevin Feige and Sony’s Amy Pascal for Spider-Man: Homecoming for example:

Both movies will all take place in the world that we’re now creating for Peter Parker. I mean, they’ll be adjuncts to it, there may be different locations, but it will still all be in the same world and they will be connected to each other.

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