Tom Holland And Jake Gyllenhaal Are Having Fun Avoiding ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ Spoilers

CAUTION: The post contains potential spoilers for Spider-Man: Far From Home.

While newcomer Jake Gyllenhaal has been insisting that his character isn’t the villain that comic book readers have long known Mysterio to be, Spider-Man: Far From Home star Tom Holland has been dropping potential spoilers throughout the sequel’s global press tour… per usual. Then again, the film’s own trailers have also been poisoning the well with all kinds of potential misinformation, so who knows? Either way, the two actors have been enjoying the ride — like when Tom licked Jake’s hand during a Spanish-language interview.

As noted by Comic Book, the above clip went viral because of two things. First, there’s Holland’s nearly admitting that Far From Home “does have” something, but being stopped by Gyllenhaal when the latter literally puts his hand over the former’s mouth. And secondly? To get Gyllenhaal’s hand off of his face, Holland licks it. “Somebody get me something!” the Nightcrawler and Zodiac actor jokingly exclaims.

But in all seriousness, it seems that Holland just can’t help himself. While discussing Gyllenhaal’s involvement in the project at a fan event, the Peter Parker actor again swore that the film’s version of Quentin Beck is actually his “new best friend.” That wasn’t the spoilery part, of course, as the trailers and the pair’s recent interviews have driven this point home repeatedly. What was potentially spoilery, however, was Holland’s claim that the actual villains — the “elementals” — were the result of Thanos’ snap specifically.

The most recent trailer does include a scene in which Nick Fury (played by fellow MCU troll Samuel L. Jackson) explains that the elementals and Beck are from another Earth, and that “the snap tore a hole in our dimension.” He doesn’t say whose snap did the tearing, necessarily, but it seems that Holland just did that. Unless, of course, he’s lying. (He’s probably not lying. It’s Tom Holland!)

(Via Comic Book)