Early Reactions To ‘Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse’ Are Calling It A Game Changer


This whole Spider-Man business is clearly getting out of hand with multiple studios and cinematic universes and everyone making a bigger fuss than usual over the unintended effects of radioactivity. Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse won’t even arrive until Dec. 14, yet Sony has already announced multiple followups, including an all-female spinoff, all of which happens to be going down after Tom Holland’s improvised, meme-worthy plea to Marvel’s Tony Stark, which fully endeared him to a new generation that was already predisposed to identify with Peter Parker’s plights.

Well, all of this Spider-ruckus might very well be warranted, given that early critic reactions to Sony’s introduction of Miles Morales to Peter Parker (along with several other Spider-People, including Spider-Gwen) are overwhelmingly positive. Rotten Tomatoes is currently displaying a 100% critical consensus (out of 23 reviews) to show that this is one fresh superhero movie. Our own Mike Ryan adored the film, especially how “Sony took a risk on a (yes) somewhat complicated premise and turned it into something unique and funny and daring (and weird).” Mike’s full review obviously goes into greater detail, but he explained Into The Spider-Verse‘s appeal in a simpler manner on Twitter:

Mike was joined by a deluge of critics from other outlets, all of whom heaped praise on the film’s visuals and inventive storytelling, along with the movie’s apparent game-changing qualities.




Yes, in a year already stuffed full of superheroes, antiheroes, and supervillains, a final comic-book movie is landing in theaters and has managed to excite critics who would normally be thinking about prestige flicks around this time. This almost makes up for Marvel trolling the world over the Avengers 4 trailer, right? Maybe.