Warner Bros Is Restructuring DC Films After ‘Justice League’ Disappoints At The Box Office

As Marvel fans fantasize about combining cinematic universes, DC is still trying to gets its film operation where they want it to be. According to a new report from Variety, Warner Bros. will be restructuring and revamping their approach to their comic properties.

Word of the studio’s superhero-minded shake-up arrives alongside the news that co-chairman of DC Films Jon Berg is leaving his post with the search underway for a replacement. Variety reports that the underwhelming performance of Justice League is the reason for reevaluation, which ranked as another film under the banner that wasn’t a hit with critics or the box office titan it was projected to be. (Not every release can be Wonder Woman.)

The DC overhaul is expected to take place in January with Warner Bros. Picture Group President Toby Emmerich said to be considering placing these films under the studio’s “main movie arm.” That potential development would obviously change the dynamics of how Warner Bros. handles their DC properties and eliminate the current level of separation in place at present.

Warner Bros. revamping their DC film philosophy invites a lot of questions. It’s not like previous DCEU movies have gone without studio intervention, so it’s not like Warner Bros. hasn’t tried to sort this out before. How fans (namely paying moviegoers) will respond to this adjustment is still to be determined.

(Via Variety)