Watch Liars’ murderous new music video

04.20.12 7 years ago

For all you fans of “Criminal Minds,” quick: why would a dry cleaner murder the band Liars?

There are a few answers but mostly questions in the music video for Liars’ “No.1 Against the Rush,” as a killer finds a few ways to capture the three-piece band. It’s not cute, though. It’s all disturbed blue hues and everyday circumstances to the weird lyrical sibling “I want you.” Tonight’s an Ambien night.

The vid was directed by fashion photographer and videographer Todd Cole, who has a host of clips that all have something a little off about them. Of course, nothing so sordid as dead-eyed felony, but check out how he sends pretty Charlotte Gainsbourg into an enchanted forest, or how Elle Fanning’s spritely character in the Rodarte fashion film gazes upon oil rigs to the sounds of Deerhunter. The Kurt Vile video hurts my heart, somehow.

As for Liars, they’re proving yet again able to turn another tack on their sound. They have a new album coming out, “WIXIW” on June 5.

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