Where is Miss America in the new Marvel NOW line-up?

Right now comics at Marvel and DC seem to be stuck in a perpetual loop as if a toddler snuck into the control room is just pressing the shiny red “REBOOT” button over and over again. DC is currently going through the Rebirth restructuring, and Marvel is blowing up their universe again with Civil War II. From the ashes of this second clashing of Marvel titans will come the new Marvel NOW, including a ton of new on-going comics from characters you”d never expect to get their own titles. Obscure characters like Foolkiller – who has been called the Punisher of Marvel Comics – and a vigilante known as Slapstick will be among those getting their own series this fall when Marvel NOW! launches. This shouldn”t be a surprise as Marvel pretty much showed their hand back in June with a litany of teaser posters. But at the time, fans and critics assumed characters like Prowler and Doctor Doom would be part of ensembles, not headlining their own comics.

Image Credit: Marvel Entertainment

As of today, every single one of those characters has been announced as the star of their own comic this fall. Every single one except for America Chavez aka Miss America. Right now Miss America is scheduled to be a part of the Ultimates2 series, but that”s not the same thing. So what”s going on here? My guess: Something is still coming down the pipe, but there was a snag. It makes no sense for Marvel to choose America as one of only sixteen heroes and villains to tease Marvel NOW! and not give her a solo comic. Otherwise, Marvel could”ve easily replaced her with Squirrel Girl, Gwen-Pool, or Silk (all of whom will have stand-alone series). I mean, who wouldn”t want this awesome teen to have her own comic? Look at this sass!

Image Credit: Marvel Entertainment
Image Credit: Marvel Entertainment

I”ve reached out to Marvel to see if they could shed the light on the situation, but as of the time of publication I have not heard back. I”ll update the story if I do!

[H/T to Elle Collins]