Alice Glass Shares An Unnerving Stop-Motion Video For ‘Suffer And Swallow’

In 2014, Alice Glass left Crystal Castles, later crediting her departure to “almost a decade of abuse” from bandmate Ethan Kath. Around the time she shared that news, she also dropped her debut solo project, a self-titled EP that was released in August 2017. Since then, fans have been waiting for new material from Glass, and today, she has delivered. She is releasing her debut full-length album in 2021, and now she has shared a video for “Suffer And Swallow.”

The stop-motion video (animated by Lucas David) stars a doll version of Glass in a number of creepy and unsettling settings and situations, like having worms crawl into her eyes and sitting on a blood-soaked bed. At some points, the doll’s mouth moves in a more natural-looking way than the jerky stop-motion of the video, which adds a strong creepiness factor. Press materials note of the track, “The song is true to the singular vision that Glass has crafted over the course of her career, but finds her exploring the dichotomy of pain and beauty in a manner more stark than ever before.”

It’s not yet clear when her album will be released, as press materials say it’s “due later this year” and instruct fans to “stay tuned for more from Alice Glass soon.”

In the meantime, watch the “Suffer And Swallow” video above.