Angel Olsen Says Bye To Her Iconic Bangs With A Tremendous Thank You And Farewell Message

For the first decade or so of Angel Olsen’s career, part of what gave her a distinct, memorable look was her (usually short) bangs (or “fringe,” for our UK-based readers), like in the above photo from 2017. As she’s been promoting her new album Big Time, though, she has decided to leave the bangs behind, letting those hairs grow and leaving them to rest on the side of her head or behind her ears.

Olsen never took her bangs for granted, as now, she has offered a thank you/farewell to message to them. Taking to Twitter this afternoon, she wrote:

“I just wanted to say a few words to my bangs out of respect. I really have felt so safe behind you, I mean…you shaped the last decade of my life. You knew how to cover for me when I needed to hide, and even when I needed more mystery. But the time has come for me to see more of the world around me. I want to be free of the frame, I want the frame to keep expanding.. Thankyou for your shelter, for being there until I was ready to face my truth, good bye and god bless.”

The lighthearted goodbye arrived alongside the most fitting new bit of Olsen merch: hair clips.