Angel Olsen Joins Madi Diaz For The Touching New Ballad ‘Forever (New Feelings Version)’

Madi Diaz has released Same History, New Feelings, her new EP to follow up last year’s History Of A Feeling. This EP is made up of newer versions of songs from that record, and she recruited Waxahatchee, Natalie Hemby, Courtney Marie Andrews, and Angel Olsen, the latter of whom is on the poignant new “Forever (New Feelings Version).” The pair take turns singing each line, the emotion building up with every cutting word: “Now that the war is over / How can you still make love?”

“I fell in love with this song when Madi first shared the demo with me a long time ago, and I feel so honored she let me share it with her this time around,” Olsen said of the song. Diaz added, “I’ve been listening as a fan to these four women for quite awhile now. I’m honored to call them my friends and to have their voices singing these songs with me is something that I still can’t quite fathom. I’m so thankful for their artistry and their stories giving these songs a whole new world and a whole new life. To share this earth and make music with them in this lifetime is a treasure and a gift from beyond the beyond.”

Listen to “Forever (New Feelings Version)” above.