Angel Olsen Announces Her New Album ‘Big Time’ And Unveils The Soaring Lead Single ‘All The Good Times’

Angel Olsen has been churning out a lot of music within the past few years, from the All Mirrors accompaniment album Whole New Mess to collaborations with Sharon Van Etten and Madi Diaz. Today, she announced that she’s releasing a new album titled Big Time on June 3 via Jagjaguwar. The celebratory, inspiring lead single “All The Good Times” is out now. It retains her signature sense of confidence and unbridled honesty, opening the ballad by lulling, “I can’t say that I’m sorry / when I don’t feel so wrong anymore.”

Big Time came after a storm of loss. She was writing the album while reckoning with her trauma and coming out as queer; she was specifically preparing to come out to her parents, and she was relieved when she did. “Some experiences just make you feel as though you’re five years old, no matter how wise or adult you think you are,” she writes of that time. “Finally, at the ripe age of 34, I was free to be me.”

However, three days after, her father passed away and his funeral became Olsen’s way of introducing her partner to her family. Two weeks later, her mother ended up in the ER, and she tragically passed as well. Olsen went to the studio there weeks after her mother’s funeral and recorded Big Time. Despite this devastating series of events, “All The Good Times” predicts a weightless, soaring sound that reverberates with hope.

Listen to “All The Good Times” above. Check out the album artwork and tracklist for Big Time below.

Angel Olsen
Angel Olsen

1. “All The Good Times”
2. “Big Time”
3. “Dream Thing”
4. “Ghost On”
5. “All The Flowers”
6. “Right Now”
7. “This Is How It Works”
8. “Go Home”
9. “Through The Fires”
10. “Chasing The Sun”

Big Time is out 6/3 via Jagjaguwar. Pre-order it here.