Black Midi Surprise-Dropped A Live Album Called ‘Live Fire’ On Vinyl And Released The Lively ‘Sugar/Tzu’

Black Midi are exciting for many reasons, but mostly because of their live performances. The clamorous, wandering instrumentals, the theatrical vocals, the invigoration and suspense — it all comes together at a concert to be witnessed in person. So it makes sense that on Monday they surprise-dropped a live album called Live Fire as a limited edition 12″ vinyl and released “Sugar/Tzu” as a single.

This live rendition of “Sugar/Tzu” is lively and untamed, moving unpredictably and skittishly. Upon the release of “Sugar/Tzu” as a single for their latest album Hellfire, eccentric bandleader Geordie Greep shared a statement about the track: “‘Sugar/Tzu’ imagines that in 2163 it’s possible to see a championship fight between two 600-pound men,” he said, “albeit in a so-called ‘Leadweight’ division. The fight is between Sun Sugar and Sun Tzu; the latter being a fan of the Chinese general, hoping to channel his strength; and the former looking to continue the lineage of Sugar Ray Robinson, Leonard, etc.”

To further tease fans, the band also shared a video of their drummer Morgan in a jam-out session with Mdou Moctor’s Souleymane Ibrahim. Watch Simpson and Ibrahim jam below and listen to the live version of “Sugar/Tzu” above. Find the album artwork and tracklist underneath the video.

Black Midi Live Fire
Black Midi

1. “953”
2. “Speedway”
3. “Welcome To Hell”
4. “Sugar/Tzu”
5. “Lumps”
6. “Eat Men Eat”
7. “Chondromalacia Patella”
8. “John L”
9. “27 Questions”
10. “The Defence”
11. “Slow”

Live Fire is out now on Rough Trade. Get it here.