Bob Dylan Declared His Love For Eminem And Wu-Tang Clan, Specifically For A Certain Part Of Their Artistry

Bob Dylan did a recent interview with The Wall Street Journal, where he shared his thoughts on a range of music industry subjects. In the piece, Dylan notes specifically that he’s “a fan of” both Eminem and the Wu-Tang Clan, as he believes they have “feeling for words and language.” He also said that he enjoys listening to “anybody whose vision parallels mine.”

This isn’t the first time Dylan’s talked about Eminem either. During a 2001 interview with Time, he stated that the Detroit rapper was “doing something right” and that “I almost feel like if anything is controversial, the guy’s gotta be doing something right.”

Dylan also touched on his love for Royal Blood, Celeste, Leonard Cohen, Rag N’ Bone Man, and Nick Cave in the WSJ, as he felt they held a similar goal to Eminem and the WTC.

As for concerts, he’s been to see Metallica, Oasis, Klaxons, and “made special efforts” for Jack White and Arctic Monkeys’ Alex Turner. Yet, Dylan doesn’t love everything.

“There’s a sameness to everything nowadays,” he revealed. “Everything’s too easy. Just one stroke of the ring finger, middle finger, one little click, that’s all it takes, and we’re there… It’s all too easy, too democratic.”

At least Eminem and Wu-Tang Clan are in good company with Bob Dylan’s musical taste.